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So you're curious about Well, let me tell you a little story. A few years ago I opened up a little site called Missfortune's Little Page of Fanfiction. I know, not very original, but it was my first site. From there I moved to a private host. At that point the site changed it's name to For-Chan Cookies. When my host could no longer support me, I forged off on my own and purchased my own domain, Well, after two years, got too big for its own britches. In other words, my other pursuits were determined to be a drain on the server's resources and they told me either give them more money or they'd give me the heave ho. Well, I gave them the finger and skipped off to another server. During that move, I decided that For-Chan Cookies and my other yaoiful hobbies should get a place of their own, so was born.

Here you'll find only my slashy content. The "innocent" stuff is all over on, which you should give a spin just for fun. At any rate, shall henceforth be an archive of yaoi and slashy goodness.


All sorts of standard disclaimers apply. Series, movies, books, actors, all those things that people can't own, I obviously don't. They're property of other people and I claim no ownership, nor make profits from their usage. This is strictly fan service for fans, by fans. All original authors and artists own their individual pieces of art and fiction. So, no touching the works of other authors and artists.


I make all my graphics and web designs. My tools of the trade are Paintshop Pro 7 and Notepad. Yes, pretty much everything is coded by hand, so I'd appreciate you not lifting my code right off.


A very big thank you to Daeva-kun! She drew and colored the picture on the main page because she's just that awesome! Go visit her over a Got Soul?

Additional thanks to all the people who make my site possible. My friends and various contributors. Thank you very much for all that you do! ^_^


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Now, go forth and enjoy the page!


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